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Booking Process

When making a booking on our website the process is as follows:

1) Your booking details are forwarded to the office at Stay Mackenzie.

2) During office hours from 9.00am to 3.00pm our staff work chronologically through each booking. The staff will screen each booking and process once they are satisfied the “Terms of Stay” have been met.  A confirmation email will be sent as acceptance.

3) You are required to provide credit card details upon booking.  The required deposit will be deducted at the time of submitting a booking. A refundable bond may also be required to secure your booking.

If you are booking within a short time frame (particularly within 24 hours of intended arrival) we strongly recommend you contact us directly on +64 3 435 0888 during business hours to check on the validity of your booking before proceeding on your journey.

What is Provided in the House?

  • All houses are fully furnished.
  • Duvets and pillows are provided for the beds and extra blankets are supplied.
  • Cooking utensils etc. are provided, however we recommend if you have a specialised piece of cooking equipment you require that you bring this with you.
  • Tea towel and dishcloth is supplied.
  • Dish washing liquid and dishwasher powder is supplied.
  • Full commercial linen is provided, sheets, towels, pillowcases, bathmat, hand towel.
  • There is a small supply of things like coffee, tea, sugar, milk, salt & pepper, toilet paper to get you started.


A compulsory cleaning fee applies to all Stay Mackenzie properties.  Our cleaners will arrive from 10.00am.  They will clean the bathroom, wipe over benches, vacuum and wash all wet floor areas. Cleaning products and equipment are supplied if needed during your stay.  Please note should there be a dishwasher in the home you have selected, please turn this on with enough time for you to empty prior to your departure.  Our cleaners are not expected to sort and dispose of any foods/rubbish, or wash any unwashed/dirty dishes, the guest must leave the house tidy.  Failure to comply could result in an extra charge to you as the guest.

Rubbish Disposal

Twizel properties are allocated 3 bins per property; Please place your rubbish in the correct bins on departure.

RED Bin             Food scraps and general rubbish ONLY

YELLOW Bin     Plastics, cardboard, paper and aluminium – (only recyclables – NO GLASS)

BLUE Bin           Glass Only. 

Please note that if items are placed in incorrect bins, the council will not dispose of on the property collection day.  This could result in an extra charge to you as the guest of $35.00

BLUE Bin           Glass Only. 

Please note that if items are placed in incorrect bins, the council will not dispose of on the property collection day.  This could result in an extra charge to you as the guest of $35.00


Please do not exceed the maximum number of guests as per booking. Pitching tents is not permitted. Minimum night limitations may apply to event weekends, long weekends due to Statutory Holidays, or school holiday periods. Please enquire with Stay Mackenzie if necessary.


While we endeavour to ensure that our homes are clean and healthy, we must point out some issues to consider if you are hyper-allergenic.

We live in an Alpine Village that is surrounded by woodland forests and waterways. This environment comes with an abundance of wildlife including mice, beetles, flies, moths etc, so the occurrence of these pests and critters is sometimes unavoidable.

The best way to avoid any pests and insects bothering you during your stay is to avoid leaving any food products or biodegradable materials out and uncovered, always turn off any unnecessary lights in your home when you are not using them, close doors and windows before dusk and wipe all surfaces after use.

Protect yourself and your family by making sure you use repellent where necessary and seek medical attention if a serious reaction occurs.

Some of our homes are rated Pet Free. This does not necessarily mean a complete absence of animal hair/fur etc. so please contact our office staff to discuss your requirements.


Many of the homes will not allow pets. It is essential for health reasons (i.e. allergies) that this is complied with. Should it be discovered that there is a breach of this condition in any property that prohibits pets then management reserve the right to evict the guest (with no refunds) and the guest will be required to pay for the fumigation and cleaning of the home to return it to a “pet free” status.

In those homes that do allow pets it is the guests responsibility to dispose of all faeces at the time of vacating the property (place faeces in a plastic bag) and place in the RED bin. Should we find animal hair or odour inside the premise at the time of inspecting the home the guest will be liable for any costs associated in remedial work required. The guest is also liable for any damage caused by pets in the property during their stay.

Please note that where we state pets are welcome in a property that it does not necessarily mean the property has a fully fenced section.


Smoking is prohibited in all of our Stay Mackenzie homes and charges will apply should this not be adhered to.


Telephones are not available in the homes; however, we have good cell phone coverage.  Please check if the property has WiFi at the time of booking should you require it.


Any home with a BBQ that has a gas bottle provided can be used.  Any BBQ used by a guest is required to be cleaned prior to departure.  BBQs are inspected and if you fail to clean the BBQ after using it, a $75.00 cleaning fee will be charged to your credit card.

Damage and Personal liability

The guest is liable for damages to any property or content of the property incurred during their stay. Please inspect the property and report any damage immediately to Stay Mackenzie on arrival. The guest is required to acknowledge that the guest is personally liable for payment for any damage to the home or property both malicious or accidental by themselves or any of their guests and that any costs to rectify will be charged on their credit card provided at time of booking.

Should guests lose any house keys then the guest will be held responsible for the replacement costs of the keys and may also be held liable for the costs of replacing locks if deemed necessary. Guests stay at their own risk and Stay Mackenzie will not be held liable for damage or injury caused to guests or personal property when circumstances arise outside of our control. i.e nature and weather.

Gatherings & Noise

We have a zero tolerance policy in regard to noise. Noisy parties or gatherings are not permitted. 21st birthday parties, Hen and Stag nights are not permitted. We ask that you respect the neighbours. If complaints are received and a breach of peace has been made a $100.00 penalty fee will be charged and the guest risks being evicted from the property.

Large gatherings for birthdays, weddings, conferences or similar such activities, where the number of people in attendance at any one time far exceeds the stated number the house sleeps, must first be approved by Stay Mackenzie management.

Self Check-in

When planning your trip please take note that we have a self check-in procedure. You can arrive any time after 3.00pm. It does not matter if you arrive late in the evening as you will have been given your key location and instructions within 5 days prior to your stay.


Check-out time is 10.00am. Late check out is only possible at the discretion of management and will incur a fee of $50/hour. Should you wish to have a late checkout you will need to contact us prior to your arrival.


Your payment is processed through Windcave Payment Gateway. Windcave secures all your customer and credit-card data with military-grade software and servers, and the highest level of encryption available. Stay Mackenzie Ltd will not store or transfer any of your credit card information. All data is transferred using Windcave secure servers.

At time of booking you will be required to enter your credit card details.  A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total cost of accommodation is required to secure your booking. This will be deducted from your credit card. Should the booking be within 14 days of the intended arrival date then payment in full is required. A booking confirmation will be forwarded to you upon confirmation of availability and receipt of payment.

All bookings are required to be paid in full within 14 days prior to your arrival, this will be deducted from the credit card provided at time of booking and a receipt will be forwarded to you.

Please note we only accept Visa or Mastercard and a 3% credit card surcharge will be applied to the Total Cost of Booking.

Please note a $50.00 surcharge will be applicable to one-night bookings during peak season.

There may also be a minimum number of nights permitted to be booked for event/long weekends. Please enquire if necessary.

Deposit payment is required within 48 hours of approval of a reservation request if booking is made outside 14 days of arrival date. Stay Mackenzie reserves the right to rebook a home should full funds not be paid on time. Should you require extra time or wish to cancel a booking please contact us immediately.

If a booking is made within 14 days of the expected arrival date then the full amount of the booking will be required immediately.

In the event of an account not being paid when due, for either accommodation, sundry hire or other possible charges we reserve the right to charge the credit card number provided, or to invoice the guest and if necessary refer the account to a debt collection agency and add all costs of collection to that account.

As Stay Mackenzie acts as an agent for the home owner’s, GST is not payable on rent. GST is included in the Booking Fee and any additional services such as cleaning.

Cancellations and Alterations

If you wish to cancel your booking for any reason 14 days or more prior to arrival date, you will receive a refund in full of any monies paid, less the 30% non-refundable deposit.

If you wish to cancel within 14 days of your arrival date, modify your booking or in case of no-show, No refund will be given and you will still be liable for the full amount of your stay

Should you choose to shorten the length of your stay within 14 days of your arrival date, you will still be liable for the full period originally booked. Please choose your dates carefully.

Please note transferring a booking is only permitted 14 days or more prior to the arrival date, this is otherwise deemed to be a cancellation for the original home.  Please select your home carefully.

All bookings subject to cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances including the sale of the property, long-term letting or other events outside Stay Mackenzie’s control pertaining to the property. If your booking is cancelled, we will endeavour to book you into an equivalent home, however, Stay Mackenzie takes no responsibility if this is not possible. Any existing deposit may be either put towards a new booking or refunded in full.

Cancellations due to extreme weather conditions, causing road closures or other such events that prevent you from travelling to our town will be assessed on a case by case basis.  In the event an announcement is made, and a refund is agreed, please be advised we will be retaining fees for our professional services.

Key Collection

You will be sent an email at 7pm (19:00) NZ time the night prior to your arrival giving you the details for your key location.

Lost Property

While every care will be taken to retrieve lost items, Stay Mackenzie will not be held accountable or responsible for items lost or left behind by guests. Items will be held for a period of one month before being disposed of or donated to charity.


As Twizel is located in an alpine setting the weather can be changeable & unpredictable at times.  During winter the main roads are cleared quickly & there should be no need for concern.  Driveways will not cleared so you may want to leave your vehicle close to the roadside in winter months in the event of a snow storm. Do not park on the road during snow storms as this prevents contractors from being able to clear the roads properly. Events like this do not last long & occur infrequently.

At times there can be severe frosts that may freeze water pipes. To avoid this, we request that you keep the heating on always, (no lower than 18) and keep all internal doors open to allow heat to circulate through the likes of bathrooms, bedrooms etc.

Should you find that your water pipes have frozen during your stay turn on a cold tap that can be monitored while you are at home (a bath or tub tap is good) and wait for it to run as the day warms up. Should you still have no water by 3 pm please contact the office and we will do our very best to fix it for you. Please do not leave any tap on if you are leaving the property.

It is unlikely that a reduction or discount will be given when weather events occur.


We do not guarantee that the products and services that are listed in any of the homes will be continuous or fault free. Stay Mackenzie will endeavour to repair/replace any faulty item but given the limited services available in our town this may not always be immediately possible. Events beyond our control, such as poor weather, power cuts or unforeseen electronic breakdowns, do not give the guest the automatic entitlement to a discount, unless such event has prevented the guest from being able to safely occupy the property altogether, and Stay Mackenzie are unable to relocate the guest to a property of equal size and standard.


These terms constitute the entire agreement between you and ourselves.

Our failure or delay in exercising or enforcing any right or provision of these terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

If any provision of these terms is found by a Court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the Court should endeavour to give effect to the parties intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of these terms remain in full force and effect.

Should you be asked to vacate the property early due to breech of these terms and conditions you will be liable for payment of the full period of time originally booked.

Changing These Terms and Giving Notices

We may change these terms, by changing or removing existing terms or adding new ones, at any time. The change applies from the time it is published on our site. If we need to give you any notice, we can do this by emailing you at the last email address you have provided us. You are deemed to have received the email at the time the email leaves our server.

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